Better East Texas: Veterans paying tolls

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - We are approaching Memorial Day this next Monday and how thankful we should be as a nation to pause and remember those who died during military service to our country.

No doubt we will see flags honoring those brave individuals planted in cemeteries across the U-S.  Another group deserves to be honored as well and they may live right next door to you or be in the car next to yours at the traffic light.  That group is the disabled veterans and those other veterans who earned Purple Hearts or are members of the Legion of Valor or Medal of Honor groups.  These worthy individuals are usually easy to find because many of them have license plates on their vehicles identifying them as members of these special groups.

The state legislature is considering a bill that will make it mandatory for members of these veteran groups to be exempt from paying tolls on Texas tollways including Loop 49 in Tyler.  It is a sweet gesture and one that needs to become law but the Northeast Texas Regional Mobility Authority, the governing body of Loop 49, could to go ahead and declare Loop 49 toll free for veterans.  Now, there is some procedure and technology to consider and ultimately some expense, but why wait for this to become law.  Let's do the right thing, right now.

You can contact the Net RMA at net r-m-a dot org and encourage them to make free tolls for honored veteran groups a reality.  It is a small price to honor some great individuals and will make for a Better East Texas.

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