Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery

58 year old Robert Baldwin may not look very active at the moment, but this computer technician is an avid bike rider and jogger. In the last few years though, Robert's outdoor activities have been put on hold because of pain.

"It's been progressing for 7 or 8 years now just slowly getting worse," he explains.

Robert has severe arthritis in his hip, but his doctor Doug Vermillion feels he can take Robert's pain away with a minimally invasive hip replacement surgery. With just two small cuts he will give Robert a new hip in just under 5 hours. Dr. Vermillion says the minimally invasive procedure works better than traditional hip replacement because there is less cutting of the skin and no damage to the muscles.

"What happens is that instead of basically cutting a muscle you weave through it just like going through curtains and the curtains go back at the end of the case," he explains.

Dr. Vermillion takes out Robert's hip ball and joint using special tools through the tiny incision. He then puts in a metal cup in for the socket and a large ball to replace the hip he took out. He uses x-ray images to make sure everything fits just right. Because the procedure is done so quickly, recovery time is cut in half. Robert should be walking later in the day and could be out of the hospital in 24 hours. Dr. Vermillion is confident that with a new hip, Robert will be back on his bike in no time.