Proposed Move Of Longview Fire Stations

A study by the Longview Fire Department shows some residents in Longview are too far away from fire stations for effective response time. The solution is moving the stations. The city is debating the issue of moving four fire stations in all. The fire department's standard for reaching any emergency is no more than 4 minutes.

But some areas, around the northwest loop are too far away from a fire station to actually be reached within that time. 500 homes in the subdivision of "Wildwood" are also in the coverage gap. Homeowners we spoke with today say they're in favor of the changes.

"I suppose that I'm like most residents in wildwood , we weren't;t aware that we we're outside the 4 minute response time for the fire protection and so we're thankful that the city has taken the initiative to examine these so called dead zones that are outside the 4 minute response time" says Wildwood homeowner Bill Keese.

City council members will be considering the proposal over the next three weeks to pay for the moves, they would use a portion of the 8.2 million dollars which was originally set aside to pay off debt.