Longview Accident Victim Makes Miraculous Recovery

A Longview man has made an astounding recovery after a horrific off road accident in June. 23 year old Matthew Smiddy nearly died in an off-road accident, now just over two months later he's already up and walking again.

In June he flipped over on an ATV, that then crashed on top of him. Matthew had hemorages on the brain, and damaged his internal organs.  He even cut his liver in half. He required over 70 units of blood, and doctors gave him little chance of survival. Matthew was unconscious for two weeks, but made an astounding recovery.

"After being in the hospital and waking up to what happened its just unbelievable that I got to come home.  I get to start all over again, like getting a second chance," says Smiddy.

Matthew plans to go back to school to get a business degree.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.  bhallmark@kltv.com