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Convenience store burglary caught on tape


 A convenience store near Flint was burglarized early Monday morning and the crime was all caught on surveillance video.

Thieves broke into the Stop and Shop gas station on Highway 69 and County Road 1215, trying to steal the ATM.

Surveillance video shows the two men breaking open the door with a crowbar, then making a dash for the safe.

"They tried to get the safe," the store owner said. "But it was hard to do it, so this other guy went and worked on the ATM."

After just a few seconds of rocking the machine, they knocked it over and dragged it out the front door.

Sheriff's deputies making a routine patrol on Highway 69 first noticed the suspects' car parked in the middle of the highway. Officials said that's when they noticed at least one man outside of the gas station and pulled into the parking lot. Once the suspect saw it was police, he took off on foot, running into a wooded area just behind the gas station.

"They gave chase to that individual," said Smith County Sheriff Public Information Officer John Moore. "They also called in the canine unit from Whitehouse, but the individual was able to get away. It was the wee hours of the morning. It was dark. Obviously the other individual or individuals were able to get away as well."

The owner estimates damage to the property in his store to be about $7,000. But thanks to good timing by the sheriff's deputies, the burglars weren't able to make off with the money in the safe, which would have come out of the owner's pocket.

"Now that we have more deputies on the street working 12 hour shifts, this without a doubt allowed these two deputies to be at the right place at the right time," said Moore. "It's always great when things work out. Obviously a lot of damage was done to this individuals store, but it could have been worse."

The Smith County Sheriff's Office asks that anybody with any information about this burglary to call them at (903) 566-6600.

You can also watch the entire surveillance video here.

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