East Texas Fans Get Ready For Friday Nights

Outside of a few early games, the high school football season kicks off across the state Friday.

For thousands of East Texas fans, Friday nights hold a special meaning during the fall. Some fans take the games more seriously than others.

A drive through Chapel Hill will teach you two things, you'll learn this community is proud of their Bulldogs and, where the football game is on Friday night. Inside the school, signs and banners hang on most every wall... students dress, and talk, blue and gold.

Both teachers and students will tell you there's a certain electricity in the air come Friday.

That's the same electricity Patsy Kirkley has felt most of her life.

"I've been going ever since I was in junior high," Kirkley said. "My mother loved football and it just rubbed off on me."

Kirkley won't own up to it, but others will tell you she's Chapel Hill's number one fan. In 34 years she's never even missed a game.

"Win, lose or draw I always go and I'm always excited and I always think we're gonna win."

She proudly shows off her Bulldog memorabilia, including a set of earring's she got when the team won the state championship. Part fan, part coach, over the year's she has never been afraid to speak her mind.

"The ones I thought that played good I, well I told them all they played good, but some of them I think didn't put out all they should and I let them know I didn't think they did but none of them ever got mad at me."

Through the good and the bad, you can bet... Patsy will be there come Friday night.

Kirkley worked in the school district's cafeteria for 32 years. She retired three years ago. She said she plans to attend Bulldog games for the rest of her life.

Chris Gibson, reporting