Longview Station Starts Gas War

The new Wal-mart supercenter in Longview is drawing in big crowds already... not for merchandise , but for cheap gas! "Murphy USA" gas station in the Wal-mart parking lot has been drawing in hundreds of motorists over the last 2 days with unleaded gasoline at $1.59 a gallon.

While most area stations are selling unleaded for anywhere from $1.68 to $1.75 a gallon, Murphy is trying to gain more business through volume. And the message is paying off, as hundreds have filled up over the past 2 days.

"Man this is the best gas prices that I've seen in years, I've been trying to save and this works man, it really helps" says Longview resident Gabriel Lemons.

"Its better than anywhere around town so far, I drive so much i drive to Carthage to go to school , live in Gladewater work in Longview so I use so much gas that the cheaper the better" says college student Courtney Wilson.

Theres no limit on purchase, and the station manager says he'll continue to offer the 1.59 gasoline as long as business remains busy.

Bob Hallmark, reporting