California Kids Land In East Texas For Football Opener

A lot of football teams start the season with a road trip. The San Diego Mira Mesa Marauders are starting their season fourteen hundred miles away from home.

"We were at practice and they told us we were going to play a Texas team, and it's going to be a big experience," Mira Mesa wide receiver Arnold Briggs says. "Everybody was like, 'O.K., let's go.'"

"The coach told us we're coming, and we were shocked and excited at the same time," says Mira Mesa linebacker Eddie Padilla.

Tyler's Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium will be the first battleground for the Marauders this season, marking the biggest game ever between a California team and a Texas team.

"We're really excited coming to Texas," Padilla says, "Texas is known for their football and we want to play the best."

"There's a tradition out here," Mira Mesa tackle J.C. Sheffield says, "And there's a tradition in California, too."

Rose Stadium is opening its locker room doors to a California school for the first time, and also showing off the new facilities.

"It's a really nice stadium," Briggs says."In California, we don't have big stadiums like this, it's all compact. It's a nice new stadium."

Friday, Tyler rolls out the welcome wagon with bragging rights will be at stake.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.