Run for the wall riders stop in Longview

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Iron horses rumbled through East Texas in their annual trek to Washington D.C. In the May tradition of the 'Run for the Wall,' Vietnam veterans start from California, ending their month long ride at the nation's capitol, stopping in Longview on the southern route.

"I'm somewhere around 4-thousand miles now, and we're about halfway through it," says Nebraska rider Bill Schonberg.

For 25 years riders have joined in the trek to remember those who fought the Vietnam war, and those who died in it. For some it is an emotional reunion.

"This is heartfelt and very warm, I meet some of the people that participated, its a great feeling. You have top build each other up," says Vietnam veteran Billy Walker.

Some are on a personal mission during the ride.

"There's a picture of major Jeffrey Lemon on my motorcycle, he's an MIA. I'm going to leave this picture of Jeffrey Lemon on the wall," says California rider Scott Emas.

They remember for the 58-thousand who died in Vietnam.

"I had a classmate that didn't make it home from Vietnam and I never really understood why some of us did make it and some of us didn't," says Schonberg.

The riders expect to make it to Washington D.C. by memorial day. By that point, they expect to have over half a million riders.

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