Power of Prayer: Parental Care Ministries

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

This encounter is a first for both these children, and these families. Parental care ministries is a non-profit organization that started just five years ago with a goal of spreading the gospel and providing care for children in Africa.

Executive Director and Pastor Emmy tells us "In Uganda, we try to show them love, and we are showing them love, but they could say because we are fellow Ugandans. But coming over here with people of different cultures, even different skin color and you see how much they are received as their own children into their houses."

Through the support of East Texas families, Pastor Emmy is helping educate and shape more than 1500 children in 7 schools and 50 churches in southwest Uganda.

Sponsor Kristi Peer says "It's amazing and they're so full of life and so full of joy. It's just so rewarding to just be able to see them and be a small part of who and what they are."

Two years ago, Kristi Peer learned what the ministry was all about and decided to tell her husband. Now, the Peers sponsor three children through Parental Care Ministries. Kristi says it's touched her entire family, telling us "I'm standing here watching my own children walking around with some of them and already arm in arm or just holding hands. It's just so rewarding to see that it's already beginning."

15 year old Jude Walakira is one of the 15 children visiting East Texas. He says "To meet the people that are sponsoring us is really a blessing, and it's very wonderful because some people can spend five years sponsoring a child without having a look at them. But we are blessed that we have also gotten to see our sponsors."

The journey was all good for these kids and the families who through the Power of Prayer, hope for an even brighter future.

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