Gohmert Goes To Republican National Convention

Preparations are underway in New York City for the Republican National Convention. Politicians and delegates from across the nation will be there, including Judge Louis Gohmert, the Republican Congressional Candidate from district one in East Texas. But before flying off to Madison Square Garden, Judge Gohmert took some time to meet with students at the Alvin Anderson Alternative School today. He presented them with a flag flown over the capitol. But then it was back to his headquarters where his preparations for convention really began, starting with typing up the speech he will give to the convention delegates on national TV.

Judge Gohmert says his speech will focus on his key issues.

"I stand by the president, I support securing our borders, lowering taxes, eliminating the death tax, asking sure this nation is safe," says Judge Gohmert but he says his most important task will be telling the world about East Texas values.

"I want them to know our hearts, that we do support President Bush, unlike my opponent we don't want John Kerry running the nation," he says.

Judge Gohmert will also meet with other special interest groups while at the RNC. Even though the conventions usually look like big political parties, Judge Gohmert says he's only going there to represent you.

"I am going up there with the intention of representing my East Texas friends," he says.