Investigators access Waskom tornado damage

Investigators say it was more than one tornado that did damage in Harrison County Thursday. The tornado hit near Waskom, off of Magnolia road, near Interstate 20. Security video was rolling at Red Diamond trucking, capturing images of their bay doors being blown apart by the winds.

"The rain was going sideways, it was almost like a jet engine going through our wash bay out there. Had a lot of power behind it the winds at that moment starting shaking the building. It was noises , sounds, things that I've never seen in my lifetime," says Red Diamond employee Mike King.

Equipment weighing thousands of pounds were tossed aside and trailers were flipped over. From Waskom to Louisiana, massive trees were snapped, some crashed onto homes. National weather service investigators Mario Valverde and Bill Parker visited damage sights and watched the video to get a clear picture of what happened.

"We're looking at a high end EF-0, a low end EF-1 tornado through this part closer to the interstate, but we're also seeing a lot of straight line winds further south. 80 to 90 mile an hour winds is what we're thinking," Valverde says.

"The wind was so strong it blew the doors in , rain came inside at that point, that's when everybody was trying to seek cover," King says.

National weather service investigators say their were several tracks of destruction indicating that different tornadoes touched down at different points from Waskom into Louisiana.

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