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Truck driver in wreck was 'disoriented. He didn't even know that was his truck'


A six-vehicle wreck brought east bound I-20 to a standstill for most of the afternoon Friday.

It happened around 1:30 near the Barber Road exit in Smith County.

One woman was so close to the accident she ended up in the ditch to avoid it.

Artasia Cox was going from Corsicana to Shreveport. Her grandmother was driving near the Barber Road Exit when she saw an 18-wheeler coming towards them.

"He was, like, swerved over and we were like, 'oh my goodness is this driver asleep or not?' So this part of his truck jumped the banister and hit that car when it jumped, and it caused everybody and the gas truck to just go to the right, " Artasia explained.

The other 18-wheeler looked like a gas truck, but it was full of cooking oil. The other had a load of pillows.

"It happened so fast. There was some guys who came around to get the truck driver out. He didn't even know what happened to him, he didn't even know he was in a car accident. He was disoriented. He didn't even know that was his truck. They had to cut him out with a knife out of his seat-belt," said Artasia.

DPS said the truck had gone onto the shoulder, over-corrected, then collided with the median wall and the cab flipped into oncoming traffic. The other 18-wheeler stayed upright, and four passenger vehicles got tangled up in the mess.

Three people were taken to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

East bound I20 was a parking lot for miles. With no frontage road along this stretch of the interstate, people could do nothing but wait for the wreck to clear. Traffic was backed up from Barber Road nearly all the way to highway 155.

"Luckily there was enough space behind everybody in order for everybody to go to the right. I'd say that's God's grace right there," Artasia added.

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