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Business and education leaders meet to discuss future for Tyler ISD


Now that the Tyler ISD bond proposal has passed, Tyler ISD officials are moving forward with plans to create a career and technology center for students.

On Friday, members of the "Tyler Area Business Education Council" discussed the future of that center, and the students it will serve.

"The goal is to get the business community engaged in education because the end user is the business community, so if we can get their input into what they want to see coming out of our educational system, then that helps the community as a whole," said Christi Khalaf, Executive Director of the Tyler Area Business Education Council.

Friday was the first time the council had met since the Tyler ISD bond passed. Council members said they are particularly interested in the new career and technology center scheduled to open in 2015.

"Most of the business leaders around town were excited about the bond and were super-excited when the bond passed. They know it's an opportunity for Tyler to really grow as a community," said Michael Lujan, founder of Mentoring Minds in Tyler.`

They discussed ways to incorporate the feedback of business representatives in the design of the center and how those leaders can stay involved even after the center is complete.  

Council also discussed creating a database of business representatives who are trained to speak to students about future career opportunities.

They also want to brainstorm ways to get parents of Tyler ISD students involved in their children's future, whether it is secondary education or entering the workforce.

"With the passing of the bond and the new CTE center, the changes that are going to happen in Tyler are going to be tremendous. The business community has the opportunity to get associated with that new center and the children are going to have a chance to come out in the workforce, be productive citizens, and get great jobs. It's an exciting time for Tyler right now," Lujan said.

Tyler ISD speakers announced on Friday that land purchases for the center began earlier that week and construction should begin in September.

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