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SPECIAL REPORT: Have you seen Molly?


Have you seen "Molly?"

She's popular, illegal, and very dangerous; although her name sounds innocent, she's far from it. You find her in clubs, music, and right here in the Chattahoochee Valley.

We set out to find "Molly" and expose her for what she really is.

"It makes you lose all morals and self respect," said 27 year-old Hernandez Wilson, a recovering addict.

If you go to a party or bar and you hear people saying, "Have you seen Molly?" what they're talking about is Ecstasy.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Molly is the slang term for "Molecular." It's the powder or crystal form of MDMA, which is a Methamphetamine derivative and is allegedly a more pure form of Ecstasy.

"The guys selling the drug have done a brilliant job of calling an old drug something new," said Columbus Clinic addiction specialist Dr. Jefferson Jones.

It's commonly put into clear capsules.

"[You go] days and days with no baths," Wilson said.

Wilson said he almost let "Molly" ruin his life.

"Your family doesn't want to deal with you. My lowest point was I woke up sometimes and I had on the same socks for three and four days. Your feet just have a [terrible] aroma," said Wilson.

Wilson is one of 11 million people in America ages 12 and older who've admitted to trying the highly addictive drug.

"A lot of people want to try it because they hear it in these songs so much," said Wilson.

From popular hip-hop artist Kanye West to legendary pop icon Madonna, everyone seems to be lacing their music with "Molly."

Rapper Trinidad James became very popular over a line in his song, "All Gold everything" where he sings, "Popped a Molly, I'm sweating."

Dr. Jefferson Jones has helped people with their addictions for more than two decades. He said there's a reason people high on "Molly" are sweating.

"They're sweating because if the drug is pure, [it] can cause an immediate hypothermic reaction where they're sweating a lot. That can end you up in the emergency room with heart failure, kidney failure as well," Dr. Jones said.

Dr. Jones said Molly can also easily be used as a date rape drug because it makes you feel good, and it also enhances your sexuality.

"There are three major neurotransmitters that MDMA or Ecstasy releases in your brain. One is Serotonin, which is your motivational, mood neuro-chemical. There's Norepinephrine which is your energy provoking neurotransmitter; and then Dopamine, which is your feel good chemical," said Dr. Jones.

"It makes everything burst out at you. From your personal life to your sex life, everything has more kick to it," Wilson said.

Until it kicks you down. According to www.drugabuse.gov, once Molly wears off, it can cause severe long-term depression, agitation, hallucinations, and even death. 

According to Dr. Jones, visits to emergency rooms for Ecstasy all over the country have increased by 550 percent over the past few years.

"I don't know if you've heard of Tuesday Blues. Well it's what comes after you've used Ecstasy all weekend," Dr. Jones said. "I had a patient recently that took a hit of Molly and ended up in an emergency room with hallucinations, and really high temperature. She almost died from it. Well, what she got was not MDMA, it was a mixture of other things."

Several other drugs and chemicals are mixed with "Molly" and passed off as the real thing. Instead of pure MDMA, you could be taking Heroin, crack and even rat poison.

Molly is definitely here in the Chattahoochee Valley. Captain Gil Slouchik with Columbus Police Department heads the special operations unit. He said since January, they've busted more than a dozen people with the psychotropic drug.

"We see it. We see ecstasy. They both carry the same penalty. They are both schedule one drug which puts you right up there with Heroin," Cpt. Slouchik said.

It will also put you right in jail if you're caught with it. Captain Slouchik said that even if you're caught with one pill, authorities have the right to seize everything in your possession.

However, Hernandez said peer pressure and curiosity can sometimes outweigh the fear of incarceration.

"That's what it all starts from, thinking it's cool and wanting to try something and experimentation. Experimenting turns into something that you have to have. It gets a hold on you that can't anybody but the higher power release. And it will either take you to your grave or it will get released from you," Wilson said.

Four years ago, Wilson decided he'd had enough of jail, drugs, and disappointing his family.

"Before my mother passed away almost three years ago, May 2, she was able to witness the first 90 days of my sobriety. She was able to go to her grave in peace. She was able to know that she didn't have her child out here in abundance to addiction again because addiction is a disease. It's a disease like cancer. It eats you from the inside out," said Wilson.

It seems like finding Molly is a bad idea. If you or anyone you know is battling addiction please seek help. Here are a few links to places in the Valley that can help you:




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