NOW YOU SEE IT: Return of the 4-year-old mayor

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL, MN (WCCO/CNN) - A four-year-old mayor's star is rising. Bobbie Tufts is the mayor of Dorset, Minnesota.

Each year, the town, which currently has 22 residents, selects its mayor by pulling a name out of a hat at a summer festival.

Bobbie was selected this past summer, when he was just three.

Mayor Tufts, of course, is getting a lot of media attention.

He visited a tv station in Minneapolis on Thursday, while in town for an interview with an Australian tv station.

There was also a feature story on a local station, WCCO, about Mayor Bobbie, who is headed to New York City for some more publicity.

He's flying to the Big Apple Friday for a tv interview on Saturday.

According to the NY Daily News, a fourth-generation resident of Dorset, says the community lost its town status years ago when its own ZIP code was taken away.

She says the community's decisions are made by the businesses there, so the mayoral role is ceremonial.

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