7 from 7: Stories for your Thursday afternoon

7 from 7: Stories for your Thursday afternoon

Good afternoon, everyone. We hope you're all safe and sound after the storms.

We have a lot to share with you today; here are a few of the stories we think you'll want to read more about today.

1. We have had quite a severe weather outbreak in Texas in the last 24 hours, as you are aware. Right now Meteorologist Grant Dade and news anchor Lane Luckie are in our mobile StormTracker vehicle in Harrison County where storms have just rolled through. Unfortunately there have been injuries related to the storms, such as the two people who were in the white truck pictured here who had to be taken to the hospital. The truck fell on their moving vehicle FM 9 south of Waskom a short time ago. Lane and Grant will be share a report with us on East Texas News at 4, 5 and 6 to keep you updated.

2. The Marshall Police Department is warning the public about a phishing scam targeting Walmart.com customers.

According to police, online customers will receive an email thanking them for an order that they did not place. The email will show an order to be delivered to an address that doesn't belong to the customer. Walmart is unsure how the breach in their system occurred. Read more about it here.

3. Retired race car driver Richard "Dick" Trickle, 71, died Thursday from an apparent self inflicted gun shot wound, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office. He shot himself in a cemetery, police say. The details we know so far are found here.

4. NASCAR driver: I feel "in danger" after competitor accused in trailer theft was released from prison and set up camp near her camp at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The accused is Mike Harmon, who says, "I've been around for a long time, but I've never stolen so much as a piece of bubble gum and to be arrested for a felony is ridiculous," Harmon said. The accuser is driver Jennifer Jo Cobb, who said Friday that she doesn't believe Harmon should be able to race this weekend because of the incident. and that she feels unsafe. The whole dramatic story can be found, with video, here.

5. Tonight America finds out who the next American Idol will be. Many East Texans hope that Woodville resident Kree Harrison emerges victorious! Tonight at 5, our Michelle Reed will join us live from a watch party at Dogwood Amphitheatre in Woodville to fill us in on what's going on in that town on this momentous evening. You won't want to miss that!

6. Speaking of entertainment, what to know what's going on in East Texas this weekend? Find something to do on our list, which is being updated all day long as more events are added.

7. We'll also bring you a report on the aftermath in the towns of Granbury and Cleveland, south of Fort Worth, where six people died, around fifty were injured, and more than 250 lost their homes. Our Bob Hallmark spoke to East Texas Habitat for Humanity workers who are keeping tabs on Granbury and waiting to see how they can help. Join us for that at 6pm.

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We'll see you soon,

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Web Producer