Many using technology to help track fitness

(KLTV) - Technology can help us get healthy, doing everything from keeping track of our diets and exercise, to our weight and heart rate.

A Pew Research Center study found that 60 percent of American adults keep track of their diet and exercise, but about half try to do it all by memory.

But now, with many of us glued to our smartphones and other gadgets, technology is taking the strain off the brain.

Praised by many doctors as a way to make sure the rest of your body is up to speed.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for us if everyone uses a device to get fitter," said Dr. Michael Roizen.

Among the countless fitness gadgets now on the market, there are bracelets that count your steps and monitor your sleep patterns and store that info in an app. There are scales that tell your smartphone your weight and body fat percentage. And while you try to reach your goal, headphones can offer more than just the soundtrack to your workout by tracking your distance and heartrate.

Since Chelsea Ruffino, who uses technology to get fit, started using gadgets to get healthy.

"It motivates you I would say more to know that you are actually doing something and you're making progress," said Ruffino.

She has had such success that she has started a blog encouraging others to go techy to get healthy.

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