Clean Conditions Found In Longview Restaurants

Seven Longview restaurants were singled out for excellence in the latest round of inspections by the health department.

Those include:

Bodacious Barbecue at 1402 West Marshall Avenue. Inspected July 26th, it was found to be spotlessly clean with no violations. They scored a perfect A.

Also inspected July 26th, the Basket Case at 123 East Tyler had no violations. All foods were at proper temperatures and work spaces were clean. A perfect score.

El Rincon at 1709 South Mobberly, inspected August 23rd, all foods at proper temperatures , no violations. It received a perfect score.

IHOP at 203 West Loop 281 was inspected August 5th. Inspectors found clean conditions. IHOP didn't receive any violations and scored a perfect A.

Papa John's Pizza at 1409 West Loop 281 It was inspected August 4th, clean conditions no violations. It received a perfect score.

The Texas Smokehouse at 3304 South Eastman Road was inspected August 18th. It had clean conditions with no violations. It received a perfect score.

Subway at 2001 North Eastman road. was inspected August 16th. It was found to have clean conditions and didn't receive any violations.

All reports are provided by the Longview Environmental Health Department.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.