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Local group targeted by IRS now fighting back

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One Tri-state group targeted by the IRS is in D.C. preparing for a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Members of the Liberty Township Tea Party left town mid-day on Wednesday to head to the nation’s capital.

“Let’s stamp it out and make it go away,” Katy Kern said. “The IRS has to have their chain jerked. They’re out of control.”

Kern has been on the board of the Liberty Township Tea Party since it started in 2009.

When they initially applied for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status they received seven pages of questions in response.

“I would expect them to scrutinize 501(c)(3) groups,” Kern said.

She argues it is the level of scrutiny that crossed the line.

“That was disturbing, the personal nature of the inquiries. Why should they ask about my family?” she questioned.

They still have not been approved for the tax exempt status, but now board members are fighting back and heading to Washington D.C. to join the national conversation.

“It’s heartwarming to know that they’re finally doing something,” Kern said.

“One of the benefits of the aggrieved party, if you will, is they’ve got fundraising material, they’ve got TV time,” Xavier Political Science Professor Gene Beaupre told FOX19.

Beaupre says it is a national discussion every wants in on.

“I think anybody who can get political mileage out of this will do everything they can to do that,” he argued. “This story has gotten so long and so protracted that people are jumping on board wherever they can.”

For the Liberty Township Tea Party, they say they were never satisfied with just an apology.

“Yes, these hearings are going to shine the light on the IRS but it doesn’t stop there,” Kern argued. “They made some big mistakes.”

Kern says their organization will be joining others to take legal action against the IRS.

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