10 Years In Prison For Lindsay Faisst

Lindsay Faisst has been involved in two fatal accidents over the last four years, both involving alcohol.

In 2000, she was driving under the influence and killed her passenger and friend, Ashley McCaa. Last June, Lindsay was a passenger in a crash where the driver died, 21-year-old Rebecca Rivera.
Despite her probation, Faisst admitted to drinking that night. She'd been in jail since then waiting for Thursday's court decision.

A judge sentenced her to 10 years in prison today. Her attorney admitted she violated two major conditions of her probation by drinking and staying out past curfew. Prosecutors said she should not have received a third chance.

In the courtroom, emergency room workers testified that Faisst had been drinking the night of June 20th, the night of the accident involving Rivera.  Faisst's attorney argued that Lindsay has an alcohol problem and needs treatment, not a jail sentence. In the end, the judge said Faisst needed to learn from her mistakes.

District Attorney Matt Bingham said sending Faisst to jail was the right decision, "The only person that Lindsay Faisst has to blame is Lindsay Faisst."  He went on to say, "I have to believe that if the life of Ashley McCaa truly meant anything to Lindsay Faisst, she wouldn't have consumed alcohol. What was lost was terrible. The court gave her the probation for intoxicated manslaughter. All she had to do was not consume alcohol."

The parents of Ashley McCaa were very emotional as Bingham detailed the accident four years ago that killed their daughter.  Friends and family of Lindsay Faisst cried as the judge read her sentence.
Faisst was taken to the Smith County jail where she will wait to be transferred to the the Texas Department of Corrections.

Faisst's 10 year sentence will take into account time she has already served. The judge also recommended with the sentence, that Faisst receive alcohol treatment and counseling.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com