Better East Texas: Tyler Independent School District

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The Tyler ISD bond proposal passed by a wide margin recently and many parents and educators and even tax payers celebrated the final vote tally.

But something came to light in the days before the vote that really has nothing to do with first class schools and facilities and that is apparent issue with the culture at TISD. We received contact from numerous teachers both current and former that brought many issues to light, some of which won't cost the district a penny to fix.  And one of those issues is the culture within the district.

Now, no organization with eighteen thousand customers – students in this case – and hundreds of teachers can expect to be perfect.  But many of the stories we heard relayed common experiences so there are at least some common issues the district and, for that matter, parents need to be sensitive to.

Teachers already fight an up-hill battle and discipline challenges in the classroom, knowing they have administrative support and also having their voices heard are items that TISD and all districts need to aggressively address.  Brick and mortar will certainly improve the physical experience of school in Tyler but unless educators have high satisfaction with their district, there will never be enough new schools to rebuild the pillars of a great education.

So the challenge is for the district to step up and embrace the need and develop an open action plan for improvement and that will make for a better East Texas.

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