Longview Battles Mosquito Population

Longview's Environmental Health department is trying to deliver the knockout punch to the mosquito population with constant spraying. This after an 84 year old Bossier City man died a week ago from encephalitis. It seems, by all accounts, a battle that's never ending.

"Our department will not be able to kill every single one, I wish we could but it's just not possible," says environmental health director Kevin Cummings.

Trucks are out twice a day spraying neighborhoods and inspectors are out daily treating standing water.

"For every adult female that you've got, if everything goes her way, you can have 300 offspring from her and then 300 from every other female that's out there," says Cummings.

"Kill the larvae before they turn into mosquitos and hope its the first batch of them," says vector technician Judy Mundt.
  Public protection has a few simple rules:
1)Eliminate all standing water and pools on property, including pet water dishes.
2)Avoid going outdoors when mosquitos are active at dusk and dawn.
3)Wear long sleeves and pants outside.
4)Wear mosquito repellent with "DEET".
  Encephalitis can be deadly to the elderly or anyone with respiratory problems. Symptoms are similar to the flu-- fever, nausea, headaches, and fatigue.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.