Freedom Fighters: Allen Brown

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - World War Two was the most widespread war in history, with over a hundred million people serving in military units.

Of the millions of Americans who served in the Second World War, only six percent are still living.

Allen Brown joined the U.S. Navy in January of 1944. His first posting was in Nicaragua. Since Brown had been born in Panama and migrated to the U.S. when he was six, it was more a re-learning of his native language.

But, Brown was not to remain in Nicaragua long, his next orders were to Borneo, where a series of mechanical problems took his Patrol Coastal 616 control boat out of commission. After their boat was repaired, new orders took them to Anawetok, where preparations for the invasion of Okinowa were being staged. U.S. Troops landed on Okinowa Island April 1, 1945 and secured an important victory. Brown's next stop was Iwo Jima.

With the completion of an airfield on Iwo Jima, bombing of Japan by B 29S became constant and heavy. While the basic job of Brown's Patrol Coastal boat was to destroy Japanese submarines, rescuing American B 29 pilots, who had to ditch their crippled planes on the way back from their bombing missions, became a priority.

Allen Brown was discharged from the Navy in April of 1946, glad to be home, but proud of his service.

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