'Miracle baby' rushed back to hospital Thursday night, marks one month since birth

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - Baby Ella Sheridan was rushed back to Children's Hospital in Dallas Thursday night due to excessive cerobrospinal fluid building up in her head.

Her mom, Samantha Sheridan, said the infant needed emergency shunt surgery, which allows doctors to drain that excess fluid.

"The surgery went very well," Sheridan said on Friday. "Ella is doing great and sleeping it off."

Ella had been at home in Gladwater for the last couple of weeks, following a surgery that removed the parts of her brain tissue that she was born with outside of her head.

Samantha Sheridan was first offered to terminate the pregnancy after doctors found the growths during an ultrasound to determine the baby's gender. Doctors said her chance of even making it to birth was almost zero.

Sheridan continued with the pregnancy anyway, planning for a funeral before even giving birth.

"It's like any other child," Sheridan said. "If they're sick, you're going to give them medical attention and that's the way we feel with her. If she has a complication, she gets the proper care and we go from there."

One month later, Sheridan continues to follow that mantra.

The Sheridan's have now set up a Facebook page and an email address for those that would like to follow Ella's progress and get in touch with the family.

They also continue to run a fundraising website for Ella to help them cover the ongoing medical expenses.

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