In case you missed it, IN-DEPTH: The TISD Bond

If you missed our IN-DEPTH coverage on the Tyler Independent School District bond issue going before voters this weekend, you'll want to take a few minutes to watch our special coverage on You can find this coverage in the Big Red Box.

It's your first fair and balanced look at all sides of this $160.5 million issue.

Members of the group Tyler Proud say it's all about facilities.  They say new facilities will enhance students' learning experiences and promote a healthier education overall.  You'll see and hear a passionate plea to the public, to allow the district to reduce the number of classes housed in portable buildings and to provide modern, technology-ready facilities that are safe and conducive to learning.

Leaders of the opposition group, "No More Excuses, Tyler ISD!" say they are not against new buildings, but they say they just do not believe new buildings should be a priority right now.  Members say they're convinced that if the bond does pass, troubling internal issues within Tyler ISD will not be addressed and repaired.

And for the first time, you'll hear directly from TISD teachers about what they say those "internal issues" are.

If you vote in the TISD school district, it's a series of important reports you should see as you prepare to make your choice at the polls Saturday.  And even if you live outside Tyler, the reports tell a fascinating tale of the relationship facilities play or don't play in academic achievement, safety and school discipline issues.

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