Gift of Love: Latoya, 14 Month Old In Need Of Loving Parents

At just 14 months old, Latoya is in a foster home. "Can you say, 'Hello, I'm a pretty little girl and I'm looking for a mommy and daddy who will take care of me,'" says foster mom Dorothy Chaney.

Latoya was born last October, weighing just over one pound. Because of numerous medical problems, she was in the hospital for several weeks, leaving her with special needs. Her biological parents decided it was too much to handle. So, they gave her up for adoption. Dorothy and her husband took her in. "When God calls you to do something, He's going to equip you to do it," says Dorothy.

Latoya has now been in the Chaney's foster home in Grand Saline almost nine months. Dorothy says, "She is a pleasant little baby, a joy."

Latoya is developmentally delayed and will need to continue intense therapy. "She's very delightful to work with. She has a wonderful personality. She does have a temper occasionally. She let's you know when she's had enough," says Meredith Miller.

With the help of Therapist Meredith Miller, from the Ellis Rehabilitation Center in Tyler, Latoya is making progress, one little step at a time. "When I first started working with her, she wasn't reaching for anything. She couldn't sit at all."

Now, she's reaching for, and holding on to, objects. She's tracking things with her eyes and following sounds. And, she's started smiling. It's a sweet little face easy to get attached to. "She's growing and doing so good. She's beginning to coo and giggle," explains Dorothy.

Latoya will have to be monitored closely. A family will need to be trained to help her maintain the gains she's making as well as learn how to feed her through a tube in her stomach. "You are really going to have to be committed to this child," says Dorothy.

Latoya will always be dependent on a family, but she'll give them the Gift of Love in return.

If you'd like to know more about Latoya call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.