Wal-Mart Supercenter Opens In Longview

After 2 years of planning and building, a new store opened its doors to the public in Longview today to mixed reviews. Hundreds jammed the parking lot of the new "Wal-Mart Supercenter" off Gilmer road on Wednesday. Neighboring businesses say they stand to benefit from business overflow, but many residents are still angry about it.

The debate on the construction has been waged for 2 years; ever since the site was proposed.
  "I know there's going to be trouble there, we'll just deal with that when it happens and there will be problems over there," says longtime area resident Floyd Henson, who continues to opposes the store opening.

"We feel for the community, but we also feel this is a great opportunity for the community in terms of the tax base," says restaurant owner Joseph Filipazzo.

Homeowners we talked to today feel the new "Supercenter" will put small, "mom and pop" stores out of business in the area. Many also believe the new store will create major traffic flow problems on Gilmer and Reel road.