Longview Weekend Home For PGA Tour Hopefuls

Some of the best golfers in the country are in Longview this week as golf's Tight Lies Tour prepares for the Sprint PCS Open at Oak Forest Country Club.

The Tight Lies Tour is for professional golfers with a five handicap or lower, and serves as kind of a minor league for the PGA Tour. Past graduates of the Tight Lies Tour include Tim Herron and Harrison Frazer, both million-dollar winners on the PGA Tour this year. The tour's current money leader says it's good to have a place to get ready for the big show.

"It's nice to have a tour like this to prepare your game," says Jon Whittaker, a golfer from Little Rock, Arkansas. "They're all four round tournaments, you get used to the travelling from city to city and being gone 3or 4 weeks in a row. It's a good stepping stone to the higher tiers."

The four-day Sprint PCS open begins Thursday morning and concludes Sunday afternoon.