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Spontaneous truck fire could be related to 2005 recall


A fire that broke out in an East Texan's truck while it was sitting in the driveway Wednesday may have been related to a recall issued nearly a decade ago.

The 1999 Ford F-150 spontaneously caught on fire while parked at the Tyler home. The residents were not home.

"It made like a big whoosh noise, you could hear it," said neighbor Brian Lacy. "If you have ever thrown gasoline on a fire and heard it go up, that's what it sounded like."

Lacy was home when he saw his neighbor and longtime friend's truck go up in flames.

"I ran over and I grabbed the hose that was in the back yard and I started spraying," he said.

Bronkell Allen bought the used truck just eight months ago.

"It's very shocking," Allen said. "Very shocking, unbelievable."

Allen paid $1900 in cash for the truck and only had liability insurance. Now it's totaled, melted all the way from its engine through its passenger cab.

But Allen is taking it in stride.

"It's just a truck, you know," he said. "It's not that big of a deal."

Officials told Allen that the problem was likely in the wiring of the truck. The model had been previously recalled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration back in 2005 after reports of numerous older models spontaneously catching on fire.

The recall notice covered four Ford models, totaling 3.8 million vehicles: Broncos from 1994-1996, Expeditions from 1997-2002, F-150's from 1994-2002 and F-250's from 1994-1999.

The recall report said the speed control deactivation switch could overheat and burn, causing a fire.

The Better Business Bureau says consumers should always check to make sure work from previous recalls has been performed on their used vehicle, as dealerships typically make those repairs for free.

Allen said he's not sure if those fixes were ever made to his truck, which he bought used

You can check to see if your vehicle has any recalls on the Office of Defects Investigation website.

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