911 call released after car repossessed with baby inside

GILMER, TX (KLTV) - The 911 call from an East Texas family moments after their car was repossessed with their one- month-old baby still in it has been released.

It was a frantic call to Upshur County dispatchers on Tuesday night made by a father thinking his truck had been stolen.

Upshur dispatch: Upshur county 911.

Caller: Yes ma'am, I just literally put my daughter in her car seat in the truck here at my trailer, and turned around to go into the house to get my wife, come out my trucks gone , my daughter in it!

Law enforcement dispatchers certainly get their share of unusual calls, but in this 911 tape, even this dispatcher was thrown off by what she was hearing.

Caller : My baby's in that pickup!

Upshur dispatch: I understand.

Caller: They towed my truck, my neighbor told me, my baby's in the truck.

Dispatch: Ok, hold on. Let me transfer you to Gilmer PD.

The child's presence in the truck was unknown to the tow driver. The worry on law enforcement's part was what could have happened to the child.

Gilmer Dispatch: 911 what's your emergency?

Caller: A truck just came and towed our truck , I had just put my daughter in the truck , get my wife and they took off with my truck with my daughter in it.

Gilmer Dispatch: Ok who took the truck?

Gilmer Dispatch: Caller is advising their vehicle was towed and that their child is in the vehicle.

Gilmer Dispatch: 10-4 I'm going to attempt to contact them via public service. How old is your child sir?

Caller: A month old.

Gilmer Dispatch: A month?

Knowing the towing companies in the area, dispatch quickly contacted tow truck drivers.

Gilmer Dispatch: Did you by chance take a vehicle from Crawford street? Ok, there is supposed to be a month old child in that vehicle.

Caller: I was in the house a minute and a half.

Gilmer dispatch: You wouldn't have left her out there if you'd known. I understand.

The child was found and reunited with parents.

Gilmer police say no charges will be filed in this case.

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