Seniors And Disabled Get Tax Freeze For Life

A newly state approved tax freeze was unanimously voted into the city of Tyler this morning. That means senior citizens 65 years of age or older and the disabled won't have to see their property taxes on the rise, ever again.

The freeze will benefit seniors this upcoming fiscal year and all the ones to come. According to state law, once the freeze in passed, it's here to stay, regardless of changes in the council, news many seniors are happy to hear.

"That's as close to cutting taxes, that freeze, as we're going to get. Me and all my coffee drinking buddies here with the exception of a couple, are thankful for that. That saves us money," says Chick Williams, a senior who will benefit from the freeze.

"I'd be tickled to death to have it in effect, to have them put it in effect, I think it's a great thing for any senior citizen to have their taxes frozen. In fact, I would be in favor of a tax roll back," says Junior Mullican, a senior who will also get a break from the tax freeze.

But some who are happy about the freeze, say they're worried about property values rising. City officials say not to worry, when the freeze goes into effect, it locks in the dollar amount being paid on taxes. So no matter if your property value goes up or down, you won't ever pay more or less on taxes. Something many seniors say they've been waiting to hear.

Reporting: Braid Sharp