Better East Texas: Plastic Guns

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - You probably have never thought or printing your own firearm.  That's right I said printing your own firearm.  But it is possible.

A non-profit Texas company named Defense Distributed has developed a set of blueprints that enable anyone to use what is called a three D printer that actually cuts the parts from blocks of plastic.  I know it sounds far-fetched, but it is real.  You can create the plastic parts and assemble your own gun.

The only metal part is a nail that is used as a firing pin.  By law the design includes a 6 ounce piece of metal but the metal is not critical to the hand gun so it can easily be omitted.  The guns have no serial numbers and are thus untraceable.

Now, I can't think of a practical, legal application for such a gun and I don't want to step on the second amendment but isn't this something that needs immediate regulation even to the point of being outlawed.  Surely there are times in our culture that we can pause and realize that even though we can create or build something, it is best if we don't.  To consider a handgun that can be smuggled past even the most sophisticated metal detectors is worrisome at the very least.

We need lawmakers and the N-R A to work together to craft appropriate laws that apply to these plastic weapons.  It will make for a safer and Better East Texas.

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