Gift of Love: Darius, Tilia, Deuntaye and Derion Part I

It was an afternoon of fun and adventure at the Caldwell zoo for brothers Darius, Deuntaye, Derion and sister Tilia. These four children have been in foster care for a year and a half.

Darius is a sweet and active 8 year old child who has a huge smile that will melt your heart! He is the oldest of this sibling group who each desperately want a forever family.

"Someone who can be super duper nice," Darius said.

Darius is very loving and enjoys giving and receiving hugs. He likes to play basketball but that's not all.

"Go on go carts," Darius said.

Darius also likes remote controlled cars and wants to be a basketball player when he grows up. When it comes to food, Darius favorite place to eat is McDonalds. He loves their cheeseburgers.

Darius also likes, "macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets," Darius said. And for dessert he likes ice cream and pudding.

As for the future, one of Darius dreams is to visit a theme park.

"Going to Disney World," Darius said.

Then comes sister Tilia. She is a very loving little girl, who is always smiling. she is very quiet and soft spoken.

"My favorite thing is to learn math," Tilia said.

And she hopes to be a nurse some day.

"Because we help people and see if they are hurt or not," Tilia said.

She hopes to be able to participate in cheerleading one day when she finds her forever family.

"My really favorite toys are my computer and my doll," Tilia said.

Tilia enjoys playing with her Barbie dolls and playing outside. Tilia's appearance is very important to her as she always wants to look her best. It is very important to Tilia that she wears a hair bow daily to match her outfit.

It is very important too that she and her three brothers are placed together.

"Because I love them and they love me," Tilia said.

Now all they need is a forever family to show them the Gift of Love.