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City of Tyler: Outdoor warning sirens failed due to 'software problem'


The city of Tyler has some work to do on their emergency sirens.

Tuesday afternoon the city's Outdoor Warning System failed to activate during a scheduled test. 

The city's information technology department says new software on one of the computers used to activate the sirens was recently updated. That new software didn't properly communicate with the sirens, which is why the test scheduled for 11am Tuesday morning never went off. 

The city says the problem doesn't affect public safety because there are multiple ways to activate the sirens.

"We're working with the manufacturer to see what's going on, that's one of the reasons we were testing these sirens every month to make sure. But we do have the ability to activate each siren individually so in case of emergency," says Benny Yazdanpanahi, chief information officer for the city of Tyler. 

If you heard emergency sirens later Tuesday afternoon, the city was simply manually testing them. They say the outdoor warning system is only meant to alert people outside. 

City officials say if you want to get warning system alerts on your phone, you need to sign up for the city's Code Red system. 

You can sign up for the Code Red alert system by clicking here and following the directions. 

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