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Spring Into Shape: Monday focuses on Crossfit

It's time for our Spring into Shape Monday workout, and today we are focusing on Crossfit. 

"There's cardiovascular, stability, strength, coordination, flexibility, all of them: everything it takes to be truly fit," says Premier Fitness Crossfit trainer Chris Hughes.

Hughes says Crossfit prepares the athlete to be well-rounded, and have abilities to do multiple exercises and activities.

"You have to be able to go out with your friend even if you've never run a 5K and complete that 5K, and you have to be able to lift your body in different facets and ways, so nothing is left out. If you want to go rock climbing, your able to do that, if you want to go swimming, you have the cardiovascular and the strength and the shoulder flexibility to make these movements happen," says Hughes.

"It's a fast moving program, but you go about it together as a team," says Hughes.

"It's a great group of friends with the same goal of eating healthy and exercising to better yourself and your body, your mind, and your spirit," says Crossfit participant Floyd Rucks.

"It's the best program I've ever been in. I've been in the fitness industry for years and this is definitely the best thing I've run across," says Hughes.

Hughes says anyone can do Crossfit.

"The good thing about Crossfit, is it's infinitely scaleable. So it doesn't matter if you haven't worked out in five years or if you've just come over in another gym. Crossfit has a home for you," says Rucks.

Rucks says he was never an athlete, and after loosing a lot of weight, he wanted to try Crossfit.

"I wanted a healthier lifestyle and this kind of made me part of something that I never was," says Rucks.

Now, he can say he truly is an athlete.

Premier Fitness offers the program throughout the week, and a free session for anyone on Saturday mornings.

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