Power of Prayer: God's Hand Ups

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

It all started with Tonia Allen's teenage daughter Michaela. She met a little girl who wasn't looking forward to Christmas, because her family was in a tough financial situation. That's when she decided to do something.

Michaela says "My Mom and I realized that there's so many families that don't have anything and that couldn't get anything. So we started shopping and we had so much fun."

Then, they asked some of their close friends to join in.

Ali Harris told us "When I started with Mika and Tonia it was around Christmas time and they were doing their Christmas run to provide all the children that didn't have Christmas with Christmas presents and food and whatnot for their families."

Now, Ali Harris is an admin in the Facebook group and God's Hand Ups is helping with much more than Christmas presents.

"Oh my goodness, they help with everything from fires to food assistance to rental assistance to clothing to children's necessities to hygiene products, just everything you could imagine," Ali said.

Christy Carrizoza, a director for God's Hand Ups, showed us a Big Sandy home the group is currently renovating. There's already one family who lives in one part of the home that's closed off, but as you're about to see there's more work to be done.

Christy said "We're going to have a family moving in in a couple of days so we're kind of in a rush to get it fixed and ready to go. We'll be having desks where people can do job searches, they want to get their GED or if they want to go straight through and get their diploma, we'll be setting up some resources."

Right now, God's Hand Ups is going more than 1100 strong. If you scroll through the page, you see countless thank you messages for everything from baby beds to groceries. The group's description says it's all about simple compassion.

And they're doing it all through the power of prayer.

You can send donations to God's Hand Ups at PO Box 352, Big Sandy, TX. You can also drop them off at 701 North Main Street, Gladewater, TX. To make an online donation, visit: http://www.gofundme.com/1vdg24 anytime.

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