Jasen Busby Scheduled To Die Wednesday

"He cold-bloodedly murdered my sister and my cousin, and for that, he's paying," Penny Walker said.

Her sister and cousin were shot to death by then 19-year-old Jasen Shane Busby. Tenille Thompson was 18. Brandy Gray was 16.

Investigators say Busby and his victims were together smoking marijuana that day, April 17, 1995. The murders happened at a mobile home in Antioch owned by Thompson's stepfather. Since then, it has been more or less abandoned and it's an eyesore to the victims' family every time they pass it.

"When I pass the house, I usually think of the pictures that were brought up in trial," Walker said. "If I actually think about it, I could see it everyday."

It's a nightmare that has torn their family apart.

"It's hard to trust people," Walker said. "I don't like to say that I hate somebody because you're always supposed to forgive, or you can't be forgiven. So it's hard for me to say. I don't know what my feelings are on that. I know I'm angry. And during the trial, he had no remorse."

Walker believes Busby deserves the death penalty, but has chosen not to attend his execution.

"I feel bad because another family is fixing to go through what my family went through," Walker said.

She says Thompson's stepmother and Gray's mother will go to Huntsville and hopefully, find some closure to a decade-long ordeal.

The only survivor of the shooting, Christopher Kelly, couldn't be reached for comment today. Busby shot Kelly in the neck, took money from his billfold, and left in his truck, throwing out the murder weapon along the way. Police later arrested Busby, who led them to the automatic assault rifle he used.

Julie Tam, reporting.