Woman Remembers Grandson Killed In Car Accident

An East Texas grandmother knows all too well the reality of those numbers. Four years ago Margaret Hartsfield's grandson was killed when a driver, under the influence of drugs, hit him.

Margaret Hartsfield loves all of her grandchildren, but she says she had a special relationship with the oldest, Shane. "I never raised my voice at him. He never raised his voice at me. We understood each other. He was special to me," says Margaret.

Four years ago the 27 year old went to the Rio Palm Isle in Longview with a friend. Margaret says she warned her grandson not to drink and drive, but says that night -- Shane didn't listen. "He had been drinking and he was driving. I know it's against the law."

But it wasn't Shane that caused an accident, it was another driver. 18 year old Chip Daniels crossed the center line and hit Shane head on. "He hit him. He broke his face and broke his chest, he broke his arms, he broke his legs. He broke my heart."

Shane, a father of two girls, died at the hospital. Toxicology results proved Daniels had Xanax and marijuana in his system at the time of the accident. He was sentenced to spend only 180 days in jail. Just two years after the fatal accident, he was arrested in Anderson county for drinking while intoxicated.

"He's a man. He's accountable. He's been given chances. He shouldn't be given any more chances."

Margaret says Shane's two little girls come to see her from California often. Because they are so young, they don't remember much about their father. Margaret says she fills their visits with her memories of him.

Earlier this year, Chip Daniels was ordered to enter a substance abuse rehabilitation center for his DWI charge in Anderson county. Daniels is still on probation for the accident that killed Shane Aldridge in 2000. A hearing to revoke his probation is scheduled for next month.

Amy Tatum, reporting. atatum@kltv.com