Cure Morning Sickness With Sleeping Pills

Kelly and her baby Jacob are enjoying a warm summer day. Jacob is almost a year old and Kelly's expecting another baby in a few months. For the past few weeks though, she's been battling morning sickness. She says this most recent case isn't quite as bad as her experience with Jacob.

"It was pretty much 24 hours a day. I woke up in the morning, and I was sick. At lunch I was sick. In the afternoon I was sick. At night I was sick," she says.

Kelly says it came on all of a sudden.

"I woke up one morning, opened my fridge, and then it just hit me, all these smells I didn't smell the day before," Kelly explains.

Her favorite foods suddenly became nauseating foods.

"All of a sudden I couldn't eat anything white. No cream, no mayo, no grits, and I grew up in Louisiana and had grits every day of my life," she says.

She tried home remedies, everything from eating Saltines to drinking Ginger Ale, but nothing worked, so her doctor prescribed her Unisom and B-6 vitamins.

"If you are sick enough and your doctor prescribes it, you'll take just about anything. I mean these patients are miserable, "says Dr. Charla Spencer who explains the combination has been used for decades to get rid of nausea and is as safe as Tylenol.

"It's the combination that's helpful. Having a little sedation and the anti-histamine and the B-6," says Dr. Spencer.

"It's liberating not to feel so terrible when I get up in the morning," says Kelly.

Kelly isn't battling morning sickness anymore and is happy to be back to her old self.