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Need something fixed? The Fix Shop can fix anything and everything!


Everyone has something in their home that is broken, or has stopped working, but you don't want to throw it away quite yet. Well, now you don't have to.

The store is called "The Fix Shop" and the service is exactly that. The owner can fix pretty much anything and everything from electronics, to tractors.

Have an antique? Or vintage item like a record console, a turn table, or an old radio?
Mark Mroz can save your items from being thrown out and turn them into a working and functioning item.

"We work on TV's, radios, amplifiers, furniture, engines. I have a big tractor in here that I'm working on right now," says Mroz.

Mroz started taking things apart and fixing them at a young age.

"My dad would bring things home for me to work on, he would find something in the trash. So the first thing I fixed was an old telephone. The circuit board was cracked. I think I was under ten, maybe seven years old. So then I fixed it, and I realized, 'oh, I can
fix it,'. From then on I realized I could fix it, put it back together, and it will work," says Mroz.

Mroz studied electronics, became a video and audio system engineer, and has experience with graphic design and film, and a machinist. Pretty much, he is a jack of all trades.

"You keep doing that after awhile and you start to learn what it is that causes something to work, you know how electricity flows or how this gear turns, and then you realize it needs to do this, but it's not, so let's try to figure out what will make it do it again," says Mroz.

From pin ball machines, computers, iPhones to tractors. Mroz really can do it all.

"What we do is more like a specialty repair where you don't have somewhere for something to go. So, if you have like an antique car and it has a dashboard that is cracked, I can take it and maybe do some plastic welding and try to get it back into shape," says Mroz.

But being a one man stop shop, Mroz says it's important to give him plenty of time to fix your item.

If you want something fixed, Mark does free estimates. Just bring your items to The Fix Shop. Which is off of West Erwin Street near downtown Tyler.

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