Gift of Love: Businesses Honored

Over the last year and a half almost a 100 children have been filmed and 50-percent of those have found their forever homes. One of the biggest success stories is the sibling group of 7. And Gift of Love is to thank.

"They did see the kids on the news. And they have step up two sisters and one of their sons and have stepped up and said we want these kids," Intensive Adoption Coordinator Ashley Gipson said.

And the Gift of Love segments featuring foster children wouldn't be possible without businesses like Jumping Jacks that let us showcase them doing a variety of activities.

That's why this week the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services honored more than 40 east Texas businesses who hope their doors and their hearts for these children.

For the Caldwell Zoo it was a natural fit.

"I've got kids of my own and I want to do everything I can to help with kids and on the other side of that, the zoo has always been dedicated to doing things to enrich the lives of children," said Caldwell Zoo Director of Visitor Services Mike Tucker.

Build-a-Bear is another popular filming location that lets children take a home their own specially designed bear. It's a company that not only supports foster children in east Texas but at stores through out the country.

"Bears are timeless and they are also a symbol of undying love and affection and every child deserved to have love and affection in there life and if we can just bring them a little bit of happiness and give them that bear hug that they all deserve. It's very fulfilling for us," Build a Bear manager Susanne Hammond said.

The department says the Gift of Love segments have gone world wide. They say people going on the website and seeing the stories and calling, asking about adoption. And if it wasn't for these businesses like the Brookshire's Wildlife Museum the word wouldn't be out there.@

"Gift of love is just a special place in my heart. We just have to take care of our babies one child at a time. And if I can be a part of that. it's a community service I am just honored to do it."Brookshires wildlife museum supervisor Tina Saxon said.

An honor these companies take seriously as they do their part to share the Gift of Love.