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Original video of the historic Tyler brick street construction

May is preservation month, and parts of East Texas are already thinking ahead of different ways we can celebrate our uniqueness.

The City of Tyler is celebrating our history and historic places with their landmark designation program. This years theme is See!Save!Celebrate! and the City of Tyler is doing exactly that, starting with what makes our city stand out: the brick roads.

Downtown Tyler had dirt roads, but with a group of hardworking men, they changed history with a truck bed full of bricks.

City planner Heather Nick says the bricks give Tyler a unique cultural heritage.

"The brick streets are really unique, they were constructed back in the 30's and 40's and predominantly by African American men and it's really unique. The brick streets give our city character, it's neat to see them, we have about 15 miles of brick streets," says Nick.

In an assembly line set up, the men were able to lay the bricks down fast and precisely.

This video, from the City of Tyler, shows the labor, the teamwork, and the history of our now brick street historic district.

"We show it to young school children and they just love it, and they see how fast the bricks are going in and they think it's on fast speed, they think the video is sped up but it's not, that's actual real time," says Nick.

Nick says it's important to save today's history, just like they did with the brick streets.

"We have a newer program where you can designate a sign. It's become a very popular designation or landmark program in the country where we want to preserve those old historical signs," says Nick.

You can also designate your home, or building, if it's more than 50 years old.

The City of Tyler is hosting celebration, ceremonies and education events throughout the month.

Thursday will be a ceremony at the Bergfeld shopping center at 10 a.m, and then an educational event called, "Tyler's Treasures' will be on May 3rd at 6 p.m. at Liberty Hall.

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