To teach or not to teach?

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto says you need to prepare for some major changes in the weather where you live.  He's tracking all of the factors that will affect when you see the rain Mark's expecting to show up soon.  He'll explain what's in store with his new forecast.

Ryan Peterson will have a new report on the tennis pride of White Oak.

Lauren Callahan is working on a new report that highlights the obstacle a Winona teacher is hoping to overcome.  Patrice Coulter has been a teacher for decades.  Now, she wants to champion education as a school board member.  It's something she's being told she can't do as long as she works for the district. The details of her dilemma.

Joe Terrell has a new Does it Work report that showcases a product that promises to make walking at outdoor weddings a lot more pleasant.  And, he has help tonight.  Leeza Gibbons joins in on the fun.