Solemates: Does It Work?

(KLTV) - Say goodbye to sinking and getting stuck in the grass? Oh, and say hello to TV's Leeza Gibbons.

"OK, my friend Leeza wears heels better than anybody I know" says KLTV's Joe Terrell. "I only wear them on weekends."

But in a world where we encase our cell phones, our sunglasses - we even sell cases to cover our suitcases - do we really need cap covers for our high heels?

"It is the quintessential female challenge and we have so many beautiful shoes which we are somewhat obsessed with," said Gibbons. "We ruin our heels and it's awkward. If this works, it will be a gift to all womankind."

The Solemates have a slight rubbery grip to them, but they slide on easy without damaging the heel.

"You just put it on the end of the heel like that," said Gibbons. "I have doubts because it's one of those, 'too good to be true' things."

If people are looking for them, the Solemates are noticeable, but if they work, I'll bet you can live with that.

When we tested the Solemates in grass, they increased the surface area of the spike just enough that it does not sink in the grass.

Nothing falling through except Leeza's low expectations.

So, to make sure, we take the Solemates off the spikes and Leeza instantly starts to sink.

The sod is fairly thick and our on-staff grass guy confirmed that the aeration job Leeza's uncovered heels did would make a golf course groundskeeper proud.

The difference with and without the Solemates was remarkable and one of the easiest calls we've ever made. Book your outdoor weddings gals.

We give it a thumbs up! It works!

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