Mob Bodyguard Turned Minister

He spent years as a bodyguard for John Gotti and worked for the Gambino family. But one day Frank Bower's wife gave him an ultimatum- he had to choose either the mob or her. Frank changed his life completely and became a Christian.

"There is a peace here. That's the thing that I've noticed," says Frank Bower as he looks around his rehab facility in Rusk County. Frank and his family moved to Rusk county from Florida just four months ago.

"Why does God call a guy like me to do something like this? I'm dealing with inmates that are getting out of prison," says Frank. To answer the question of why God is using a guy like Frank, you have to begin when he was just a boy. "It started with me at about 8 years old that I can remember where the anger started. I had 2 twin sisters. I just woke up one morning and they were gone. They were kidnapped out of our home while we were sleeping."

Frank's twin sisters have never been found. His tragedy didn't end there. He was sexually abused by a family friend and he suffered constant physical abuse at the hands of his father. Then one day, a third sister drowned. "That's when the flip began. I was 14. That's when I kinda almost knew, I wanted to hurt people."

As a young man Frank began working for labor unions, where he made his mob connections. A bodyguard for John Gotti, he also made millions in his own illegal operations. Frank even did time for killing a police officer.

But about 10 years ago, everything changed. His wife had left him and Frank finally confronted his anger at God. "I started to really get mad at God. I told him, 'you don't do nothing except take people's lives.' I think just one day it just hit me, I didn't want my kids to become what I'd become." Frank left his life of crime and became a minister.

A few months ago, a friend told him about the facility in Rusk county. Frank's vision for it is to give others an opportunity to change their own lives.

The name of Frank's facility is the Family Prayer Center Rehab. It is a non-denominational 90 day program that helps anyone trying to deal addictions to drugs, alcohol, anorexia and bulimia. For more information you can call the center at 903-895-9755.

Amy Tatum, reporting.