Tennis twins leading Spring Hill to state

SPRING HILL, TX (KLTV) - The Spring Hill tennis team is headed to state.

A pair of tennis twins have helped lead the way.

"She is three minutes older and we are identical," said Kristi Miley.

"Being on the team with twins is really fun." said Lydia Wallis, a junior. "They have this connection, being twins, but they play different. It is just cool to see them supporting each other."

Kristi and her sister Amy have been supporting each other since birth.

"We like share every thing, so getting to share this with her will be awesome," said Kristi.

They will get to share it with others.

The twins are two of the five Spring Hill tennis players who have qualified for state.

It's the largest number ever from their school and the most from any school in East Texas.

"We actually thought that we were not going to make it because the girls we were playing, we were down in the 3rd set 2-5. and they needed four points to win and we needed 20," said Wallis, who plays doubles with Amy. "And we went ahead and got all 20."

"It is really cool that alot of people are going, so they will be there to support you," said freshman Mabry Nichols, who advanced in singles play.

There will be no lack of support.

Especially from the sisters.

"My partner is Amy," said Wallis. "She will turn around and scream, 'Go Kristi and Trey!' It is really fun to see the support."

"It is really nerve-racking to watch your twin, more than your playing," said Amy Miley. "Because even when you are off the court watching, you are on the court playing, you want her to go to be a state champ just as bad as you want to be a state champ."

Along with their teammates, they will soon get that chance.

The state tournament begins on Monday.

"You are already there and you get to experience how state feels," said Amy. "So I think it is pretty awesome that we get to go together."

Amy Miley and her partner Lydia Wallis will in girls doubles.
Kristi Miley and her partner Austin Haug will play in mixed doubles.
Mabry Nichols will play in girls singles.

The 3A state tournament is held in College Station.

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