Flames that burns family's dream

The fire that destroyed a downtown Jacksonville catering company was so massive several witnesses sent cell phone video they shot to us.  The flames are unbelievable.  Tonight at 10, Lexie Cook will have a new report on the fire.  She's been talking with people who saw the blaze burn the building down and the family who spent years building the business into what it was before the blaze took it.

Storm Tracker Meteorologist Brett Collar is in the weather center right now tracking all of the weather changes that could affect the weather where you live.  If you're trying to figure out what you should wear when you head out later tonight or early tomorrow morning, you should, definitely, tune in for his latest forecast.

Tonight, Dia Wall has a new Power of Prayer report for you.  She's going to introduce you to some of the many East Texans who volunteer large amounts of their time doing what they feel God has called them to accomplish.  Hear them explain why mission work gives them so much joy.