Cowboys & Texans 2013 Draft Picks

Here are the players selected by the two Texas teams in the 2013 NFL Draft.


1st - Travis Frederick, Center, Wisconsin
2nd - Gavin Escobar, Tight End, San Diego State
3rd - Terrence Williams, Wide Receiver, Baylor
3rd - J.J. Wilcox, Safety, Southern
4th - B.W. Webb, Cornerback, William & Mary
5th - Joseph Randle, Running Back, Oklahoma State
6th - DeVonte Holloman, Linebacker, South Carolina


1st - DeAndre Hopkins, Wide Receiver, Clemson
2nd - D.J. Swearinger, Safety, South Carolina
3rd - Brennan Williams, Tackle, North Carolina
3rd - Sam Montgomer, Defensive End, LSU
4th - Travardo Williams, Defensive End, UConn
6th - David Quessenberry, Tackle, San Jose State
6th - Alan Bonner, Wide Receiver, Jacksonville State
6th - Christopher Jones, Defensive Tackle, Bowling Green
6th - Ryan Griffin, Tight End, UConn