Better East Texas: No More Excuses Committee

By JoAnn Fleming with Grassroots America, speaking for the No More Excuses Committee

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - We strongly oppose the Tyler ISD Bond because we just can't overlook a mountain of evidence from state and federal agencies that our district delivers poor academic results.

Did you know Tyler ISD has a national grade of D+?

That's right - in 2012, Tyler ISD failed to meet federal standards for the third straight year!

Both high schools are rated academically unacceptable.

And since 2004, Tyler ISD always ranks below the state and region in college readiness.

When compared to other school districts, TISD spends high levels of money with mediocre results.

Over the last five years, out of 25 campuses, 19 declined in academic rankings, while only 6 improved. We have many new elementary school buildings, but still get poor results.

Teachers work hard, but the School Board and administration don't listen to them and don't enforce discipline.

More money and new buildings aren't fixing the problem. No More Excuses!

Vote NO. Holding the adults accountable for the sake of the kids will make for "A Better East Texas".

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